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Build confidence by having students practice reading words that align with their phonics skills.


Sessions addressing letter practice, sound (phonemic awareness) practice, word (decoding) practice, sentence reading practice.


Videos for overview and in-person instruction included. Jamboard for remote instruction.


No more time wasted memorizing lists of words or effort spent reading books full of words that are beyond a student’s reading skills.


Lessons that follow a scope and sequence of phonetic concepts and phonemic awareness development. Focus on building strong word analysis skills.


Downloadable teaching materials and videos. Research-based curriculum created by Katharine Pace Miles, Ph.D., professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY.

Reading Ready is an emergent word reading program developed by Dr. Katie Pace Miles, a professor of early literacy development at Brooklyn College, CUNY. The program is currently implemented by CUNY Reading Corps in NYC public schools with hundreds of CUNY education majors trained in the program and leading interventions in over 70 city schools. American University as well as 14 other universities are also using Reading Ready to train university students to tutor striving readers at local schools. Reading Ready is typically used as a one-to-one intervention, but it can also be used in small group or whole class settings. 


The Program Manual, a 4-5 hour asynchronous Professional Development course, and Jamboards for remote instruction are currently available for digital download. Supplementary free resources can be found here.

If you are a university professor or administrator interested in training pre-service teachers with this program, email and we will connect you with the Benedict Silverman Foundation so you can use the program for free.

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